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[140724] @ClubClioUSA introduces worldwide shipping of Dara’s CLIO products + other Club CLIO brands!

The awesome people at Club Clio USA have told us that all Club Clio brands are available for purchase on Club Clio USA’s online website. And in even greater news, they ship worldwide to many countries including: USA, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan, the Philippines, and many many more.  Recall that Dara has been the endorsement model for Club Clio since February of 2013.

Club Clio USA commented on a YGLadies article a short while ago with the great news.

To make a purchase, go to http://clubcliousa.com/CLIO, then click on the item you want, if it’s instock you will see an ADD TO CART button. Click it and your done!Source: @clubcliousa, clubcliousa.com

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[VIDEO] 140721 JYJ’s Comeback Teaser Promo on MNET

“All for One.
One for All.”

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Credits: JJYCJSYJJ + B yo
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140724 M count down 10 anniversary © handsome force // do not edit or remove watermark

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ur URL is genius have a nice day but seriously


Thank you! Have a nice day too! 


baekho 7.21

boy you need to back up with all that handsome and shit


When I hear about so many things happening to other groups I just hold my screen and whisper but please not bap